... and fills a cup with porridge, rice or beans

or gives girls a monthly ration to take home.

For $50, you can feed a child

for an entire school year.

Help Us Send Kids Around the World

Back to School Ready to Learn

October 14th – 18th

Join us from now until World Food Day on October 16th

and help World Food Program USA send kids back to school
with the nutrition they need to succeed.

Together, we want to help bring 300,000 school meals to children in
Kenya, Niger and Honduras.

Are you ready to feed a dream?

Join the Lunch Money Challenge:

For one week, Oct 14 – 18, pack a lunch and donate your lunch money savings to kids in Honduras, Niger or Kenya.

Packing a lunch for just one week will feed a child for an entire year!


Fill The Cup Right Now:

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Pencils. Books. Backpacks.

What did you need to go back to school as a child?

In many areas of the world, the most important thing
that children need to be ready to learn is more basic:

a nutritious meal!

Want to Learn More About School Meals?

WFP has 50 years of experience in what works best in delivering food to schools and students in need. Now as more governments want to locally run and expand their school meals programs, WFP works with them to create strong and sustainable solutions.

And WFP is innovating –using new technology and expanding home-grown school meals programs that bring food from local family farmers and lift up the entire community. Local ingredients mean both local children and local farmers can thrive. WFP is working with partners to be more efficient than ever and help all children get a quality education.

Get the facts on WFP school meals

Want to learn more about Honduras, Niger and Kenya?


Honduras has high illiteracy and drop-out rates due to poverty, with more than 300,000 children who don’t attend school at all. School meals are one of the best ways to reach children who need help in Honduras. WFP’s school meals are helping by working with the government to reach 86% of primary schools in the regions that are most vulnerable, such as areas prone to drought. WFP buys 93% of the food it uses in school meals from small-scale farmers in Honduras, helping to lift communities out of poverty.

WFP needs to reach 22,000 schools in Honduras to strengthen this school meals program. Please help us provide these children with meals that can be life-changing and give students an important key to a better future—an education.


Niger is one of the least developed nations in the world and many Nigeriens are unable to meet their most basic food needs. WFP’s school meals program is working to improve the lives of children in Niger: this past school year, WFP provided meals for more than 165,000 children. Since the school meals program began, Niger has seen enrollment in primary school increase by 17%, and more than 70% of girls are now enrolled in primary school!

Now WFP needs to reach 174,000 Nigerian students and provide 10,940 girls with take home rations, encouraging their parents to send their daughters to school. You can help us provide these children with the most important school supply: a nutritious meal!


Kenya has one of WFP’s largest and most successful school meals programs, with high enrollment rates and the Kenyan government pitching in to help more children receive a meal than ever before.

WFP needs your support to help reach over 600,000 vulnerable Kenyan children in the slums of Nairobi, where less than half of the children are in school, and in the dry regions of the country where food is scarce. Help us provide a hot meal to these children so they can learn and have a chance at a brighter future.

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)
provides school meals to more than 24 million children each year. School meals help stop chronic hunger and can be life-changing for the world’s poorest children. Providing a nutritious meal each day helps to improve children’s nutrition and ability to learn and have a better future. School feeding also gives families an incentive to send children to school—especially girls.