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Mamás Reales is a blog made by moms to moms. With guides, tips and articles related to all the baby planning, the pregnancy and all the topics about child care. Mamás Reales seeks to promote and provide useful information for moms who are beginning their parenting process and for people interested in everything related to motherhood.

We've created an organic, dynamic, striking, clean and fun brand that goes around the concepts of playing, childish, and the colorful world that is being a kid about. On the other hand, we design and develop a completely tailored website, with its different categories and relevant information points.


We want to emphasize the concept of "day and night" since motherhood is a job that will occupy 24 hours a day. On the other hand, special focus is placed on the crib mobile since it is what a baby sees for the first and last time in the day.


Organic graphics predominate, in combination with the colors of the brand, "drawn" lines and simplicity in the strokes.


Proposal of format for social networks (Facebook and Instagram), colorful, coherent and kind compositions with the concept of motherhood.

The relevant graphic pieces were designed for the brand to start its journey and communication with users and potential customers.


Detailed process of structure, design and development tailored to the site. It is an intuitive site, colorful and full of contrasts and line drawing illustrations, striking and friendly images.


Complete and hierarchical navigation that guides the user through the themes and functionalities of the page. A menu with high visual content was designed that accompanies the user throughout the navigation, with direct access to articles highlighted by category.


The blog is divided by categories and sub categories. The structure of the information that the blog will contain was proposed in such a way that the articles are easily located.

The articles are structured in such a way that you can choose the type of block to be displayed (text, video, image, gallery).
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